Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

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Man with a Movie Camera (1929)
A Film by Dziga Vertov
DVD9 | VIDEO_TS | PAL 4:3 | 01:07:08 | 7,24 Gb
Silent or Michael Nyman's Score with Russian intertitles and English subs
Genre: Documentary, Avant-garde

A playful documentary of a day in the life of the Soviet Union.
Man With a Movie Camera is an extraordinary piece of filmmaking. An exuberant montage of urban Russia, it represents the people of the city at work and at play, and the machines that keep the city going with energetic lyricism. A member of the Soviet avant-garde, Vertov used a variety of pioneering cinematic techniques to document the full spectrum of 1929 Soviet life - dissolves, split screen, slow motion and freeze frames - and produced a radical experiment that is exhilarating and intellectually brilliant.

Collections of iBooks for iPhone & iPad (EPUB)

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Collections of iBooks for iPhone & iPad (EPUB)
English | 10957 EPUB Books | 8.79 GB

This is a massive collection with the files in EPUB Format.

2500 Ebooks for Kindle

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2500 Ebooks for Kindle
2500 Books in MOBI | 2.98 GB

These are the books from the Kindle Library that were rated five stars.

World's Greatest Classic Books (CD-ROM) by Corel

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World's Greatest Classic Books (CD-ROM) by Corel
Corel | 1995 | Requirements: IBM Compatible PC 486, Windows 3.1x, 8 MB RAM, MS DOS 5.0, Super VGA video card & monitor| ISO | 454.8 MB

Large Collection of Literature-Old Documents
This is the cd-rom version of my earlier upload. This cd-rom program contains: Fiction, Short Stories, Plays, Poetry, Historical Documents, Religious Documents, & Scientific Documents.

Various english books - dd 01.04.2006

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Amanda Quick | Anne Stuart | Deborah Simmons | Elizabeth Haydon
Georgette Heyer | Jayne Castle | Julie Garwood | Jo Beverley
Jonathan Kellerman | Lindsey Davis | Loretta Chase | Mary Balogh
Andre Norton | Patrick O'Brian | T. Lobsang Rampa
Victoria Alexander | War of Spider Queen
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