Tsai Ming-liang - He liu ('The River') (1997)

Author: FNB47 Date: 2006-09-19 14:23:00

Tsai Ming-liang - He liu ('The River') (1997)
1417.57 MB | Runtime 1:53:10 | color | Mandarin with (embedded) English s/t
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'cos life is like a river... further you travel down dirtier it gets.

A mother, father and son live together in a small apartment in Taipei but lead very separate lives. The son, Xiao-kang (Lee Kang-sheng) drifts through life without a job; the mother is an elevator operator having an affair with a man who pirates pornographic movies; and the father pursues illicit pleasures in the city's gay saunas and is on a mission to stop the leaking water from the apartment upstairs. When the son is stricken with an agonizing pain in his neck and shoulders, seemingly from taking an ill-advised dunk in the polluted Tansui River, the family is driven on a quest to alleviate the son's pain. (-DVD cover)
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